One for all and all for one!


2019 - 2020 WORTHY GRAND PATRON 2019 -2020

My dear Sisters and Brothers:

Initially, I must thank God for putting me on this path, thanking each one of you for honoring me with the dignified position of Venerable Patron of the Great Chapter of Bolivia for the 2019-2020 management. Challenge that I assume with marked enthusiasm and above all conscious of the enormous responsibility that the position implies.

I am a faithful convinced that our paramasonic orders, as well as the Masonic ones, are not and should not be of empowerment, our charges are passengers, and when we eventually assume Venerabilia, I emphasize that they are of VOCATION AND SERVICE, remind all GOs now installed, that We are and will be at the service of each and every one of the subordinate chapters of our beloved Order, a vocation that invites us to fulfill what is established in our Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Order of the Star of the East.

During this period, I will be as I have always been, respectful and demanding in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the OEO. And as our ritual says, the main function of the VGP will be, of help and advice to the VGM in the performance of its duties and when it so requires. Additionally, to give continuity to the work of my predecessor, I undertake to continue advising, supporting and managing the organization of new Chapters, to boost the overall growth of our Order.

My values ​​will continue to be Integrity, Honesty, Fraternity, Ethics, Loyalty, and mainly the unstoppable and daily Moral Improvement. Let us make dear sisters and brothers, that the perfection of our Star and the practice of our theological virtues "Faith, Hope and Charity", as well as our earthly values ​​and principles, flow in an invisible but real way, to strengthen our brotherhood ties between each one of us.

Finally, I pray to our Divine Creator, guide my steps with thoughtfulness and perseverance, also enlighten and bless us all, to get closer and closer to divine providence, I conclude by wishing that the principles of our Order shine in all the actions of our daily to live.

Víctor Hugo Cuenca Espada



"One for all and all for one"

Phrase that encompasses one of the ideals of the order, specifically the one concerning cooperation among its members. It indicates that the important thing is the personal and collective enrichment of the members.



Represents the Woman, Mother, who as Lady Electa appears in II John, representing the Church, a character that is impregnated with a high spirituality, His symbol is a Chalice, Recite Charity and Hospitality.


The five points of the Star

The emblem of the Order is a five-pointed star with the white ray of the star pointing down towards the manger. In the chapter room, the white ray pointing down points west. The character building classes taught in the Order are stories inspired by biblical figures: Ada, Ruth, Esther, Marta and Electa, all aiming at the search for truth and fostering the social and moral development of the human being, as well as progress Social.


The Tolerance

It implies full respect for the other, for their ideas, practices or beliefs, regardless of whether they clash or are different from ours, it is also considered a moral value.



It is the quality of honest. As such, it refers to a set of personal attributes, such as decency, modesty, dignity, sincerity, justice, righteousness and honesty in the way of being and acting. Honesty is a fundamental moral value to establish interpersonal relationships based on trust, sincerity and mutual respect.


The White Nardo

Plant of garden of simple and straight stem, radical and long leaves, that extend as if they were scales, flowers grouped in spikes and fruit in capsule. The flower of this plant, is funnel-shaped, white and very aromatic, especially at night, the fragrant tuber with which Mary the sister of Lazarus anointed the feet of Jesus, a flower that by its consistency, represents the Unity and Loyalty.



It means Purity, Delicacy, Simplicity, I personally define it as when the white light of the day opposes the darkness of the night.


Me Estoy Enamorando

Canción - La Mafia



Con Una Sonrisa Puedo Comprar... - Canción, José Luis Perales,