To achieve, with the help of all the sisters and brothers of each chapter, to transform the life of a person.

Each chapter should seek that person to provide all possible help, so that we save his life.

At present there are many evils that afflict society, we have friends, family, acquaintances, of all ages and all social strata, who suffer for various reasons: diseases, loneliness, depression, economic, etc., many times they they feel so lost and alone that they look for exits such as suicide, die for lack of help or end up in drugs and vices destroying their future and their families.

That is why it does not matter to which person is chosen, the important thing is to overcome their difficulties and to renew their hopes in life and humanity.

If we do, we will have changed 24 lives, we will have shared love, time, pain, joys; These 24 saved lives will help us to light our light and keep it on even in the worst moments, because we will understand that even if we reach the end of the life of the person we help, we will have sown hope and faith.

The follow-up will be monthly through the Charity Committee, and a panel showing the life that was saved should be taken to the Grand Session.