If nothing changed there would be no butterflies ...



My dear sisters and brothers:

First of all, I would like to thank Our Heavenly Father, the invaluable opportunity to lead such a select group of people, and I humbly ask you to guide me at all times, in order to reach the end of the management with the satisfaction of the objectives compliments

A long road has been traveled to reach this position, which puts me in front of you today, and despite what has been lived and learned, it is inevitable to feel the fear of taking responsibility for inspiring the noble purposes that make our Order and which, like WGM, now I have to represent.

It is in that attempt that I have chosen the phrase "Turn on your light", which aims to convey the transforming power that grace has in us. This power is described in a masterful way in the famous novel written by Victor Hugo: "The Miserable," which tells us the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who knocks on the door of a church and is welcomed by a cleric who Give food and bed. At dawn, he steals the silver cutlery and on leaving hits his benefactor; He is later apprehended by three gendarmes who carry him in chains before the presence of the Bishop and tell him that the thief claimed that silver is a gift from the priest. The Bishop not only ratifies that version, but also adds some silver candlesticks with which man is released.

This act makes that the man released, be touched by grace for his whole life, along which he puts into practice not only charity, but also justice. Not only does he feed the poor, but he establishes fair wages in his company and, when he has to leave it, he distributes it among all the workers. He never exercises evil, and avoids violence even in those moments when he could socially be considered a legitimate defense; Not only does he forgive his persecutor but he avoids death.

It is my desire that the Order be like the Bishop in our lives, so that, anointed of the nobility and the love that grace gives us, we will be able to turn on the light that we carry inside through the transforming power of service.

My sisters and brothers, if my purpose, which I now make yours, is successful, we will be reunited again, within 365 days, with 24 lives that we will have saved in some way, because each chapter will be in charge of performing this noble task with one person to which they will provide all possible help so that hope in life and in humanity is reborn; In this process, we will have shared love, time, pain, joys, experiences that will inevitably turn on our light and make us better human beings, because we will know that, even if we lose the life we ​​fight to save, we will have sown hope and faith.

To conclude, I would like to invite you to be charitable and hospitable as the cup, to spread the love to your neighbor as Electa, to develop the gift of grace, never to lose the desire to overcome as the Pink Lily symbolizes, to be able to to renew ourselves and transform ourselves like the butterfly, and to be generous, kind and given to others as the color pink inspires us.

Maria Teresa Dalenz Zapata


MOTTO: "Turn on your light"




The grace

Grace is the word that denotes beauty, goodness, charm, recognition


Ephesians 2: 8

"Because by Grace you are saved by faith; and this is not yours, for it is the gift of God"

FLOWER: The Pink Lily

The lily symbolizes the personal evolution of the human being, its serene and pure appearance expresses desires of overcoming in moments of loss and grief. The Pink Lilies, in particular, is associated with kindness and youth


The butterfly

The butterfly is an emblem of the soul and the unconscious attraction to the luminous, symbol of rebirth. A butterfly is a symbol of total transformation, and represents the need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time courage. A butterfly goes from crawling on the ground to touching the blue sky of the sky with a feeling of lightness. In short, it could be the same meaning of human life; After all, we all fight to be butterflies


The color pink is a relaxing color that influences feelings by inviting us to be kind, soft and deep, and thus inducing us to feel affection, love and protection. Pink symbolizes innocence, love, dedication and generosity. Today I invite you to see the world of pink.


"Que bonita es la vida" de Jorge Celedón


Signos de Amor